birthday girl sandra dametto showing off her new ring at the well this evening. it’s -28 C out there. impossible to catch a cab. there must be a lot of dead engines in driveways today. i’ve had a long though productive day. visited michele gunderson’s second year english class at the university of calgary to talk about salt fish girl. students bright and engaged. they crowded me afterwards to get books signed. always flattering.

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  1. Lainee on February 5, 2007 at 9:16 am

    Hey Larissa. Salt fish girl is one of my favourite books. And it seems to have some resonance with teens too, though I wouldn’t necessarily classify it as a YA (young adult) book. My daughter (now sixteen) read it at thirteen and did a book report in her grade nine class. And now my thirteen year old son is reading it. Here’s what I think. Salt fish girl appeals to the unspeakable abject that adolescents experience in themselves. They see their own bodies as fluid and seething and a little monstrous. Why not get this book on junior high or high school reading lists? Just a thought. Are you working on another book?

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