my friend susanda just sent a quite lovely mantra that is supposed to have originated with the dalai lama. it’s a sort of general guidelines for life that made sense to me in a gentle sort of way. so i passed it on to a few people i care about, not even kinda-sorta everyone, but just the ones who i was fairly sure would like it, or be amused by it. i’m not in the habit of mass email (well, except for that big change-of-address one i did the day before yesterday which was most protestantly pragmatic.) anyway, i felt weird about it afterwards because it’s still spam. not that i haven’t been appreciating those very thrilling body enhancement ones from the likes guevera p. revolution (poor che, how you’ve been used.) what do you think? do you believe in mass email? under what circumstances? i used to, for instance, always sign and pass on petitions, but now i find them so annoying. and it seems others do too, because i’ve seen fewer of them.

this moment in life has given me much opportunity to visit both my angels and my demons (holy! it seems i haven’t escaped a judeo-christian upbringing in spite of all my parents’ best efforts!) if you can use spam to help yourself and others, shouldn’t you?

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  1. ritawong on September 27, 2006 at 1:02 pm


    i think there are times when mass email is good. for instance, i really appreciate jayce salloum’s (infrequent) emails. it is hard to deal with email volume, yes, but if we’re in the iron room together, i’d rather be awake than asleep. even if i don’t always have the energy to immediately process what comes in, there’s a chance i may in my own time and space. i’d like to suggest there’s a difference between spam (which i don’t want, from vendors i don’t know) and mass emails (which can connect us to networks we care about). i think i send fewer mass emails these days because of email fatigue, but i will still send them occasionally if i feel moved to, and i hope it’s good.

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