The plaster cast comes off early tomorrow morning, to be replaced by a lighter fibreglas one. Yip!

I’m gearing up for Asia– really looking forward to the trip, although slightly concerned about my enforced helplessness. I found an envelope of Taiwanese New Dollars in my foreign currencies box from last time. Very happy about that.

Got a note from Charlotte Sturgess, the conference organizer at Strasbourg, today, with contribution guidelines for the proceedings. I’m glad I’m still able to contribute to that discussion at some level, though still sorry to have missed out on those talks. I had all these ideas about borders, papers, dna, technology, travel, gender and nation that I wanted to try. It seems to me that in Europe discussions around things like genetic engineering are much more progressive than here. If the current riots in France are any sign though, bodies and borders are still burning issues. It would have been great to take those discussions with me to Asia.

I’m looking forward to the architectural, technological, cultural and shopping wonder I’m sure to experience when I’m there.

Fun stuff: In the biography section of Jon Paul Fiorentino and Robert Kroestch’s fabulous new poetry anthology, Post-Prairie, Ryan Fitzpatrick was incorrectly credited with having published my recent chapbook, Nascent Fashion, though MODL Press. We thought we’d make the lie true. So Ryan will run a new edition, with cover art single-handedly executed by (Titanium) Travis Murphy.


  1. asthma_boy on November 11, 2005 at 7:15 pm

    that’s awesome about the chapbook. sorry about the incorrect credit!


  2. Larissa Lai on November 12, 2005 at 7:51 pm

    thanks! and thanks for including me in a fabulous anthology. no worries about the credit. i quite like serendipitous errors.


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